The Undervalued Liquid Staking Gem - Bifrost Report

Dive into the world of a multi-chain liquidity protocol built on the Polkadot network. Boasting two innovative products, Liquid Staking and Liquid Crowdloan derivatives, this game-changing project has recently seen its Heimdall Social Score soar to unprecedented heights.


The Crypto market has been historically cyclical. Bull markets bring a lot of investors to the space, on the other hand, bear markets remove the liquidity from the system, and that’s what we’re going through at the moment.

One thing that is mutual in every bull market is a strong narrative. There’s always a sector or a specific project that brings hype to the space and pushes the whole market up. Let’s take a look at the past crypto booms:

Bitcoin started as a technological revolution, and later, Bitcoin alternatives appeared. After that, the Ethereum blockchain brought attention to a totally different narrative, and consequently, multiple Layer 1 blockchains came into the space to compete with it. Then, applications inside these blockchains received all of the hype, like DeFi, NFTs, Oracles, and many others!

In this report, we’ll dive into a project that is located in one of the most promising sectors, which is bringing a lot of attention from the public: Liquid Staking. We might be looking at the next big narrative in crypto, and also one of the most undervalued projects in the sector!


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