The DeFi Resurgent Phoenix - Astroport Report

Recently launched on Injective, the protocol analyzed in this report was a former giant on the Terra Classic blockchain, now on track to reclaim its previous glory. A multi-chain AMM Decentralized Exchange, this project boasts alluring metrics that caught Heimdall’s attention. Don’t miss out on the full report!


The Crypto Industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field, where the pace of change is often tricky for investors to keep up with. As the market continues to progress, fresh ecosystems, sectors, and technologies emerge, each bringing its unique set of challenges and opportunities for investors to navigate.

At Heimdall, we understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and developments in the crypto industry. Our team of experienced analysts is dedicated to scouring the market for new and promising projects, leveraging our cutting-edge tools and expertise to identify high-growth potential opportunities for our clients.

In this report, we are excited to present a project that has recently caught our attention on the Injective blockchain. This project is a decentralized exchange that aims to become the liquidity center of the Cosmos ecosystem, and in turn, improve the overall functionality and efficiency of Injective.


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