The Blockchain Built for Finance - Injective Report

This report from Heimdall thoroughly analyzes a promising finance-focused project that was built on top of the Cosmos SDK, which aims to create a Layer-1 blockchain that addresses the specific requirements of financial protocols, including the unique needs of the sector.


The blockchain industry has seen explosive growth in recent years, with developers from various fields entering the space to create innovative applications. From finance and gaming to real estate and art, the possibilities seem endless. However, one challenge facing blockchain applications is the lack of a network that can provide their specific needs. As a result, many projects have had to migrate to different blockchains, resulting in a fragmented ecosystem.

While solutions such as bridges and Layer 2s have been created to address this issue, they come with their own set of limitations. Bridges do not provide a good User Experience, while Layer 2 solutions, despite being great for scaling Ethereum, may not be enough to attract every sector to the blockchain.

In this report, we’ll explore a promising finance-focused project that was built on top of the Cosmos SDK. The project aims to create a Layer 1 blockchain that specifically addresses the requirements of financial protocols, featuring the unique needs of the sector.

→ Cosmos is the so-called Internet of Blockchains, intending to create a network where multiple blockchains are interconnected, which could be the solution to the interoperability problem that makes Web 3.0 a fragmented environment.


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